CAmpire Creepers

Future Lighthouse

Long before written language, cinema or television, there were campfire stories. And a group of youth scaring the living bejeezus out of each other on dark nights at summer camp is a tradition as rich and eternal as the earliest campfire tales. Bringing this age old pastime into the cutting edge form of stereoscopic 360 Virtual Reality will make any viewer, young and old, relive their most haunting memories of the campfire circle.

Inspired by cult classics like Creepshow and Tales from the Crypt, Campfire Creepers is one of the first pieces of episodic immersive content that seeks to draw in more mainstream viewers into VR. One of the episodes includes a guest appearance by Robert Englund, known for his legendary turn as Freddy Krueger.

Alexandre Aja, working with Future Lighthouse, will be pushing “the VR story telling limits” with this series, “always playing with what could be possible”, “utilizing new camera movements, editing, macro shots, etc.” in this new series.