Future Lighthouse

In 2026, the world is collapsing due to climate change. Anaaya, a brilliant Inuit female scientist, is appointed to find a planet that humans can inhabit.


Melita, an advanced AI, is sent to help her with this task. Together, they will embark on a journey against time and preconceptions to save humanity from extinction.


During their search for a suitable planet, the relationship between Melita and Anaaya evolves and a drastic decision changes things forever for the both of them, and the rest of humanity along the way.

Melita is a human journey to find a new home, but also an inner journey to find out what it means to be human.

Melita a statement: this is how we envision the future for this new medium and the future of storytelling. Melita also portrays the significance we believe AI will have on our lives in the very near future.